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le cube

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beck's beer

my two favorite things, abstract geometry and audio reactive visuals.
working on the new beck’s beer site was a treat with a great base design and massive scope for innovation.

i won’t bang on about the creation process but i will say that the cube was modeled using blender, exported as a DAE file, painlessly plugged into papervision and off we went…
if you are new to blender like i was i recommend reading through the manual, its the best place to start and will allow you to tinker and create as you are learning.

had a few days spare towards the end of the project so thought it would be nice to add an audio reactive element to the site. it is the beck’s beer brand and it is heavily associated with electronic music so i reproduced the geometry of the cube segments and added them to a 3d backdrop layer… the space junk fragments float in darkness, illuminated and pushed on by the beat of the music.

still trying to work out what to make open source from this project so if theres anything you’d like me to release, please let me know and ill do my best to post it on here.

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  2. Bec says:

    yeah, this looks so cool! nice one Julaps…

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