bowie cam

bowie cam from lukasz on Vimeo.

the back story is… some friends at the world’s end studio have a biegel named david bowie and it jumped out of a 2 storys window and broke its leg. the dog that thought it could fly… so they put on a david bowie fund raiser party for the pooch’s operation.

ive been itching to get my face tracking projections out there and thought the night was a good opportunity to do something quick and fun. bowie cam is just that… it pastes a face of david bowie over yours so you can get down just like the freaky old bastard. there a four face mask modes it cycles through – two of mr bowie, one being of the pooch and a ziggy lighting bolt across the face. the interactive projection was good fun and people got it straight away, although i suspect some people were just happy to see themselves on the big screen.

it was also a good lesson never to depend on venue lighting. for those that have been to q-bar in sydney will know that its a pretty dark venue, something out of a david lynch film with all the red lighting. so had to improvise and mount a lamp to expose people in front of the camera a little better. even then, it was a fine line… if they got too close, their faces were washed out and the haar finder was unable to pick up their features and when they got too far, they would disapear into the shadows. so i think overall the accuracy of the face tracking was down to about 20% of its normal accuracy. still, good to try it out in the wild.

get the ofxCvHaarTracker source for openframeworks with example.