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pachinko @ sydney festival

By in openframeworks

january is a pretty big month in sydney, just when you’re expect things to wind down after the festive season, the sydney festival comes to town ands its shenanigans all over again. lots to do, lots of events, lots of bands and lots of visuals!
this year the beck’s bar has invited video artists for an opportunity to project their work onto the hyde park barracks. hmmm, building projection mapping you say? needless to say i took a bite on the dangling carrot and came up with these two video pieces.

physics is always fun, fact.
in this video, circle particles fill the volume of the building and once settled in place, create an image.
the trick here is to render the particle system twice. first, run the simulation and record the colour values of all the balls once they’ve settled and then to render again the second time and since the simulation is identical, the balls fall into the right place with the right colour.

being the becks bar and all, there was one catch – the video had to include the becks logo.
in this video, the logo is first created using circle packing (basically fitting as many circles as possible into an image) and then released to spill and swish around inside the building before eventually loosing momentum and fizzling out to the top.

all videos were created with code in openframeworks and using the ofxBox2d addon for the physics.

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  1. Johan Donald says:

    Thanks for the nice post with excellent videos.
    Darling harbour events

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