tr-IO @ dorkbot

tr-IO is an interactive installation exhibited @ the dorkbot group show in sydney. it is a generative video/audio piece projected onto a wall and controlled via an interactive table.

the visual component stems from an existing generative application, the triangle field, which i wrote some time back. with tr-IO, i wanted to allow people to explore the generative art work by having influence over the colour, form and motion, and to create their own flavour of visuals.

tr-IO @ dorkbot

i was very happy when eli murry / gentleforce jumped onto the project as a collaborator and enriched the installation by adding another dimension of sound design. eli created an array of ambient drones, clicks and ominous electronic growls which were mapped to the interactive table and controlled by the pyramid objects. a user could place the pyramids at different points on the table to awaken the various hidden sounds and create a unique soundscape.

tr-IO @ dorkbot

the interactive table is built using reactivision which uses fiducial markers as a means of tracking objects. each pyramid object was fitted with a unique fiducial marker which allowed the camera inside to track its position and rotation on the table.

the pyramid objects were also fitted with programmable BlinkM leds which could be easily programmed via an arduino board. the initial idea was to get the lights inside the pyramid to change depending on its position on the table but for this it would have required a wireless arduino for each pyramid which unfortunately fell outside of the budget this time around, but its definitely something id like to add in the future.

whats the future hold for tr-IO?
well hopefully eli and i can up-size it to a completely immersive experience.
a whole space dedicated to projecting the visuals in a seamless 360 view.
and throw in some surround sound.
chill out room at a doof anyone?
i joke, but a gallery space would be nice.

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