dither triangles

lately ive been fascinated with gif animations that ive seen popping up online which employ tiny colour palettes, mostly just black and white, and use dithering as a technique of creating the appearance of more colours being used then there actually are. in particular ive been enjoying the work of francoise gamma from the computers club net art collective. its a lovely blend of highly detailed 3d animations but then rendered down into a old low-fidelity format you’d more likely see on a old Apple SE/30 then a modern computer.

dither circles

there are a few different methods for dithering a image, ordered dithering of which has to be my favourite purely for its structured, crosshatch aesthetic. the appeal for the pattern is probably the result of endless hours playing early games like monkey island and space quest and now its permanently etched into my visual cortex.

dither field

i put together a ofxDither addon which is now on github. at the moment the addon supports ordered, floyd–steinberg and atkinson dithering algorithms. i had some help from jesús gollonet whos also done some experiments with dithering in openFrameworks. his addon ofxHalftoner is also on github.

dither bars

the aim while exploring these dithering algorithms was to create 1-bit gif loops, one a day for a week. i got up to four and then some other work got in the way and spoiled the plan but it was good to work on short generative animations instead of usually spending days on trying to create more complex visual effects. ive included the code for these gifs which you can download here. there are three examples which you can swap out in the main.cpp file.