flume {infinity prism}


The Infinity Prism is a live performance installation made for electronic producer Harley Streten, Flume.
It was conceived and built at the collective studio, Toby & Pete where I am currently residing as the Creative Technology Director.

The visuals were driven by live audio, MIDI and OSC triggers from Harley’s Ableton laptop and allowed the prism to react and visualise everything that Harley was playing. The custom software which collated all these inputs and transformed them into pretty, bouncy visuals was made using openFrameworks.

The prism was completely custom made. The frame chassis, LEDS panels and electronics were all constructed from scratch. Toby & Pete were responsible for the overall concept and fabrication. Nick Clark built the electronics to control the prism using Arduino and interfaced it using Processing.

the eye of the prism

prism LED panel

openframeworks app controlling the prism

prism + LED screen in the background

prism @ horden pavilion